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News Release: 3/08/2017

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March 01, 2017
SARSEF and Mayor Rothschild to Encourages ALL Citizens to Make Decisions Based on Evidence
(March 1, Tucson)
Month of March to be Proclaimed as the “Month of Science" at SARSEF Open House, March 2, 2017 5-7PM SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation) at the SARSEF Center Grand Opening, March 2, 2017 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, at 4574 E. Broadway, Tucson AZ 85711.
Mayor Rothschild will proclaim March to be the “Month of Science”, in honor of SARSEF’s efforts for the past 62 years in the community. A Tucson Metro Chamber Ribbon Cutting to follow.
SARSEF invites the public to attend with others in the community that care about Arizona’s students and science.
SARSEF CEO, Kathleen A. Bethel states, “Given our current political environment, it is more important than ever that our students here in Southern Arizona know science matters. SARSEF teaches 95,000 students each year thinking skills that will prepare them as part of our future work force and as citizens.”
 SARSEF Talking Points
SARSEF teaches K-12 students critical thinking and problem solving through science and engineering
SARSEF would like for ALL citizens, young and old, to make decisions based on data and form conclusions based on evidence
  •       95,000 students participate in SARSEF programs throughout Southern Arizona 
  •       SARSEF is key to the area’s economic development, creating a pipeline and helping to develop the future Work Force for our Tucson Metro Region
  •       Students from SARSEF go on to become our neurosurgeons, cancer researchers, Raytheon engineers, wildlife conservationists, our vets, our teachers and professors, our journalist, and so much more – because all of these professions require critical thinking skills that SARSEF provides
  •       SARSEF has been teaching students through science and engineering since 1955.  They have been in our community, shaping student lives for 62 years
  •       SARSEF was previously best known as the big Science Fair that is held at the Tucson Convention Center each year – they now have 6 major programs from outreach in schools, clubs, mentoring, camps and more!
  •       All STEM Outreach programs are FREE
  •       SARSEF reaches students from across Southern Arizona participate (from Yuma to Florence, from Casa Grande to Nogales)
  •       SARSEF has been recognized as a National Model for other communities
  •       SARSEF is the only organization, nationwide, that provides instruction in critical thinking through science and engineering to all groups that support the learning: Students, Teachers and Parents – and they do it free of charge
  •       SARSEF is one of the few programs in the country that includes students at an early age, starting as early as age 5, in Kindergarten, which we all know are the key years before stereotypes are formed
  •       SARSEF provides direct instruction to 32,000 underrepresented students in areas of poverty throughout Arizona each year
  •        SARSEF is increasing the diversity of the students who participation in STEM.
    •    60% are underrepresented minority
    •    59% are from areas of poverty (Title I Schools)
    •    52% are female (and increasing each year!)
  •       The average tests scores of schools that participate with SARSEF are higher on Arizona state tests in areas of math, reading and science, at all tested grade levels – and have been for three years
  •       SARSEF provides one of the few opportunities for students to use their brains to “think”, actively doing their own research and going beyond right/wrong test questions 
  •       SARSEF is funded by our community as has been for years – we all believe in what we do. They do not receive any federal dollars – our community raises 100% of the funds, ourselves, and have for 62 years.
 ·      SARSEF provides $125,000 in scholarships, internships and awards to students to attract and retain their interest in STEM fields