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DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is a 10-acre historic retreat designed and built by Arizona artist Ted DeGrazia. It is home to a colorful array of DeGrazia originals, including oil paintings, watercolors, ceramics and sculptures. Open daily 10-4. Located at 6300 N. Swan Tucson, AZ 85718, 520-299-9191,


DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun
Gallery in the Sun's rotating exhibits.
Gallery in the Sun's retrospective room.
Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia
Mission in the Sun
Mission in the Sun's Guadalupe altar.
Mission in the Sun's frescoes.
DeGrazia's beloved children.
DeGrazia's "Fiesta at San Xavier", oil on canvas.
DeGrazia's "Alone", oil on canvas.
DeGrazia's ceramics