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Desert Camo Apparel, LLC



About Us

In August 2017, a simple mole removal led to my first diagnosis of superficial spreading melanoma, a.k.a., skin cancer. Soon after a second invasive surgery, my diagnosis was upgraded to stage 3a melanoma. The melanoma had micrometastized to a nearby draining lymph node. Life as I knew it was about to change in a big way. As a wife and mother of three boys, I embarked on my life long journey as a cancer patient with doctor visits, blood work, painful immunotherapy with side effects and body scans. Thus, my new normal led me to design sun protective, fashionable leggings that showcase the unique beauty that is Arizona.
As a native Arizonan, a certified melanoma instructor and, ironically, a cancer researcher, I believe that science, education and advocacy for UPF50+ apparel will benefit those who wear it. It is my mission to spread the word about the importance of sun protective apparel in hopes to prevent all types of skin cancer.
Our one of a kind leggings will look cool in the hot desert, or wherever your outdoor adventures take you all the while maintaining sun safety! Included with every pair of leggings is a Sun Safe Checklist. The Sun Safe Checklist serves as a helpful reminder with tips to practice sun safety. Please choose Desert Camo Apparel to keep your skin shielded ''Because Cancer is a Prick!