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About Us

It all started when...

Tucson Business leader, Jim Click, had a unique idea. His vision was to gather the often-overlooked resources of the city's workers with disabilities into a central location, then make their wealth of skills and initiative readily available to the business community.

He shared his dream with Dr. Ruth Mondschein, a pioneer in employment, training, and arts for people with disabilities. Together they began the process of unifying the efforts of Tucson's employers and agencies.

Fast forward to today and Linkages has been around for 20 years and most of our work in 'linking' employers to great talent is done through our job board. We have also expanded our mission to include 'linking' veterans, specifically Wounded Warriors to employers.
Our Mission & Vision

Contribute to the economy by linking employers with qualified candidates to ensure every person with a disability and veteran has an opportunity for employment.


The Linkages Team at our Building Bridges Luncheon in 2016
A tour we put on taking employment specialist through a Mister Car Wash location to learn more about what they do and ultimately send great job seekers their way
A DREAM Job Fair connecting job seekers with disabilities to employers who value diversity