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About Us

The IDEA School provides a child-centered education that nurtures competence, creativity, collaboration and compassion through work that is meaningful to students and promotes lifelong learning.

Through real-world problem solving and teamwork, IDEA School students grow to take charge of their learning, and therefore their lives -- both in and out of school.

We are a K-8 independent, nonprofit school focused on inquiry-based learning and social-emotional development. Our educational model is based on the following three elements, which we are continually growing and improving upon, to meet the current and future needs of our students:

1) A strong focus on the *process* of learning, so that our students are engaged, responsible, and self-aware learners.

2) We promote and facilitate students’ practice of strong Habits of Mind in all their work, habits such as critical thinking, perseverance and curiosity, as they build their core competencies in math, reading, writing, civics, science and art.

3) We help our students build empathy toward themselves and others -- the fundamental skill needed in order to make an impact in their communities.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private school, we partner with community individuals, businesses and corporations to provide scholarships for students from low-income families so that any family can attend, regardless of income. In fact, 51 of our 56 students this year attend on need-based scholarship aid. You can make a huge difference for these young people!