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I received my Aesthetics License from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology in 2013. After receiving exceptional training from Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School. My focus is on using natural products to create dramatic positive changes. Skin Care Therapy. The best proof of my skills and knowledge is how you’ll look and feel not just immediately after, but two weeks after our appointment.

I blend multiple modalities. My treatments bring balance to people’s minds and bodies. Not just their skin. This helps put you at natural ease and refreshes you while your skin recharges.

My focus is on corrective skincare. Focusing on not only correcting skin conditions but preserving the skin. The DMK line (using both home care as well as professional treatments), makes it easier to preserve the skin while aging gracefully. Climate and environmental factors take a toll on the skin. Professional treatments and committing to a prescribed home care regimen will have your skin radiating before you know it.

My passion and knowledge blend together naturally. I am so proud to be helping people feel and look their best. Loving the skin you’re in.


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