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About Us

No one ever plans on disaster, but when disaster happens, you need strength to persevere. In the aftermath of a destructive event with business and lives interrupted, people are left feeling more vulnerable, confused, and overwhelmed than ever. Those affected need more than a can-do resource-they need true leadership, and that is exactly where KUSTOM shines.

From the largest commercial loss to the smallest home disaster, we are in the business of extremes, and we are built to excel in every disaster scenario. We do more than rebuild-we build trust. We arrive with more than technical strength and construction expertise-we bring the power of partnership. We take charge, so that working with us is easy-setting realistic expectations and communicating along the way as we deliver.

Our leadership stems from the 50+ years of experience and resourcefulness behind us. With offices coast to coast we have the scale to respond quickly and effectively, yet we provide the kind of personal attention our customers would expect of a family business. Blending empathy with expertise, and people with process, we lead our customers from uncertainty to confidence.


  • Water Damage
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Mold Remediation
  • Full Service Repairs
  • General Contractor


Garage Fire (Before)
Garage Fire (After)
House Fire (Before)
House Fire (After)
Guadalajara (Before 1)
Guadalajara (After 1)
Guadalajara (Before 2)
Guadalajara (After 2)