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About Us

Pima Community College is committed to serving the people of southern Arizona. We are a public resource that fuels economic development by providing quality, affordable education and training to workers who will become the backbone of a prosperous, stable community.

We provide open access to all those who desire an education. We work to provide tangible measures of success for students who seek a career or intend to continue their education at a bachelor’s degree-granting institution.

We engage diverse constituencies in an ongoing dialogue about their needs and expectations. We seek to partner with business and industry, with K-12 districts and postsecondary institutions, and with governmental and community groups, in order to precisely align our programs and services in ways that advance current and future priorities of the community.

As a publicly funded institution, PCC takes very seriously the fiscal responsibilities that come with the stewardship of tax dollars. PCC strongly believes that it must be effective and efficient, and is committed to demonstrating that it is worthy of the public’s trust.

We are resolved to put students first, and are united in our mission to give students the opportunity to achieve their personal vision of the American Dream.


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