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About Us

The Pima County One-Stop helps businesses recruit and retain qualified employees at all skill levels. We provide employers with a single point of contact to connect with hundreds of community programs, private and public training colleges, federal and local grant funds, as well as thousands of local job applicants.The One-Stop Business Services Team:
• Conducts outreach, one-on-one meetings, interviews, focus groups and surveys of businesses to determine current and future hiring and/or training needs.
• Assesses skill needs for needed occupations and determines availability of training suitable to address those needs. Works with employers to develop new training and/or apprenticeship programs in high-demand occupations. Develops On-the-Job Training contracts and employee-training programs with employers.
• Responds to staffing needs in the local economy with a range of recruitment services. IDs job leads and employment opportunities and matches them with qualified candidates.
• Provides individualized support for training participants and follow-up for individuals placed in employment. Tracks participants’ progress and provides assistance to address obstacles.
• Conducts weekly events to connect job seekers with local employers conducting recruitment.
• Serves as an informational resource on services, resources and programs available in the community to assist workers and/or training participants.
• Provides information to employers on economic development programs and assists them in taking advantage of applicable incentives and tax credits.


Pima County One-Stop assists employers to address workforce and recruitment needs.
Pima County One-Stop helps develop skilled workers for quality jobs.
Young adults receive training to fill positions in high-demand fields.
The County One-Stop helps persons with barriers, such as homelessness or physical disabilities, to transition into our economic talent pool.
The One-Stop works closely with veterans' organizations to assist former military members in finding meaningful work.
The Workforce Investment Board provides recommendations on local workforce policy and oversight of the Pima County One-Stop System.