RE Darling Co., Inc.



About Us

R. E. Darling Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty rubber and composite products primarily used in the aerospace and defense industry. The largest segment of our business is the manufacture of solid rocket motor case insulators. We also have a long history of manufacturing Ablative components including high strength nozzles, insulators, blast tubes and throats as well as insulation products. They are typically fabricated through compression molding, autoclave or vacuum bag curing methods and in many instances are bonded to metal. We also have the capability to hand lay-up or tape wrap as well. Typical raw materials used for Ablative components include prepregs made with Carbon, Silica or Glass Phenolic resin or Epoxy resin impregnated onto Fiberglass, Graphite or Kevlar.

Since 1948, the company has produced breathing hose primarily for military use. Applications include hose for aviators, ground troops, and ground vehicles (including tanks and armored vehicles). Customized hose and cable design, including material development and connectors configured to meet exacting requirements, are our specialty. The company also produces chemical agent resistant hose, including DARPRO covered.

In addition, the company custom mixes a variety of rubber compounds for many applications including solid rocket motor insulation. Services include compound formulation, internal or open mill mixing, calendering and extrusion. Compounds mixed include a wide variety of synthetic rubbers, natural rubber and silicone.