SARSEF - Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation

SARSEF - Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation


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About Us

SARSEF is a Qualified Charitable Org creating the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers through science and engineering. SARSEF serves over 50,800 PreK-12 students annually across Arizona, offering free, year-round educational outreach, with particular focus on under-represented students in areas of poverty. Kids learn to solve real-world problems using science and engineering, teachers are trained in STEM Education techniques, and Parents learn how to support their budding researchers. After completing a research project, the top 6,000 students in the region compete at SARSEF’s week-long fair and are awarded over $100,000 in scholarships, trips, and cash prizes as encouragement for their work. New programs include STAR Labs, where High School students gain access to professional research resources & mentorship, moving beyond the classroom walls to experience real-world science. Racing the Sun is another new program, which allows students to team up to design, build & race solar-powered go-karts with the help of community mentors throughout the school year.

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