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About Us

Parks and recreation is an essential element of any healthy community, providing individual, social, and economic value. People rely on parks, open spaces, and recreation programs for many benefits, ranging from the pursuit of health and fitness to the desire for education or leisure, finding a connection with nature, or simply seeking a sense of belonging.

The Tucson Parks and Recreation Department wants to reach out to residents; engage them to foster relationships and create positive emotional bonds; involve them in determining the type of programs, events, services, and facilities they want and need; encourage and enable them to participate in programs, events, services, and facilities, and deliver the type of experiences and facilities that move residents from participants to advocates – people who voice their wants and needs for Parks & Recreation facilities, programs, and services.

Tucson Parks and Recreation currently manages over 128 parks and 4,000 acres of developed park land. These parks and open spaces create provide a refuge from the whirl-wind of urban life, making Tucson a more beautiful and livable city. Parks and Recreation also operates a range of facilities devoted to providing a wealth of health, recreation, leisure and education opportunities. Recreation and leisure programming and special events offered within and outside of these facilities work to enrich the lives of all people.


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