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U-Haul at Grant Rd is a staffed by a team of hard working individuals who offer the best in customer service for your stressful move. Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, the Team at Grant Rd has the answers to all of your questions. We affordably provide Tucson with a variety of moving supplies, hitches, trailer wiring kits, along with top notch rental truck and trailers. Knowledgeable staff will assure you that you are making the correct decision at the lowest cost making your move with U-Haul a good experience every time even if you are a first time customer. We also supply Midtown Tucson with low cost propane tanks as well as endless refills to keep your BBQ going all summer or your heaters running all winter. Our Self Storage is open year round with same hours of operation making it perfect for snowbirds or college kids going back home for the summer.

Storage units come in varieties of sizes and prices and are drive up units that are well lit and easily accessible with their own office. Our moving products are the most affordable and quality products around. All of our boxes are guaranteed good for shipping and all of our tape will ensure that your valuables make the move intact. Moving Help is also readily available to all of our customers and the website is easy to navigate. Our on site staff is also available to answer any unanswered questions over the phone. Make your next move a U-Haul move! Stop by U-Haul at Grant Rd to find out for yourself!


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