Introducing The Fresh Face Arizona Energy Market Deserves

Introducing The Fresh Face Arizona Energy Market Deserves

Adversity. It’s an important ingredient for driving growth and positive change. The Arizona renewable energy market has seen its fair share of adversity. From batteries and rooftop panels catching fire; to residential solar and commercial energy companies scamming residents and investors; to false advertisements and empty promises leaving customers confused and frustrated, the Arizona renewable energy landscape is in need of improvement.

And as one of the sunniest places in the United States, Arizona is not only in need of improvement— it really deserves it as well.

In step Renewable Power America, led by 27-year-old entrepreneur Andrew Jenkins. Andrew’s emergence in the renewable energy space is a microcosm of the larger change needed in the industry. Discontent and disillusioned by the management style and customer relations forged by previous solar-company employers, Andrew embarked on his own venture in order to be the change he sought to see in the industry.

Passionate about the power of solar and other renewable energy sources, Andrew has made it his mission to set a new standard for excellence within the Arizona renewable energy industry by demonstrating transparency, building genuine relationships, and serving as a guiding hand for all those wanting to get solar and achieve their energy independence.

Amidst the turbulent environment of the Arizona solar market, Renewable Power America is building itself to be the educational platform and resource guide for solar energy and other emerging renewable energy technologies.

Renewable Power America wants to cut through the noise, false advertising, and unprofessionalism of the solar industry and help customers find the best resources available. This is in large part because Renewable Power America and Andrew himself stress that…

Now Is The Time To Achieve Energy Independence
Now is the ideal time for Arizona residents to lock in their energy rates with solar power.

Solar prices have never been lower and energy rates are only going higher.

Arizona utilities are also discussing reducing the compensation rate for energy produced by residential solar systems. So for all those looking to reduce energy costs and get in on the best rates, now is the time.

Even though solar prices have dropped significantly in recent years, investing in a residential solar system still calls for thousands of dollars. But Renewable Power America educates, guides, and connects Arizona residents to the resources needed to best navigate the solar buying process.

Those connections include linking residents up with reputable solar installers, such as Brighten America (also owned by Andrew Jenkins), and financial institutions with flexible payment options for qualifying customers. Some payment options require no upfront costs, enabling customers to benefit from significantly reduced electric bills while they pay off their solar system over the course of a fixed-term loan.

Despite all of the fake and phony Facebook advertisements pushing completely nonexistent solar incentives, there are both state and federal tax incentives that further contribute to making now the optimal time to go solar.

Available State & Federal Tax Credits To Reduce Costs For Arizona Solar Customers
Whether purchased with cash or through a loan, a solar system owner can also take advantage of state and federal tax incentives to help mitigate the cost.

The Arizona solar tax credit allows homeowners installing solar to deduct 25% of their system cost— up to $1000 max limit— from their personal income tax.

In addition, solar customers can also take advantage of the federal tax credit which allows solar customers to deduct 26% of their solar system cost from their end-of-year federal taxes.

If a customer does not have such a large tax liability, the credit can roll forward a number of years so that the customer can take advantage of its entirety. 

Taking advantage of fixed-term solar loans while still collecting the tax credit is one way that Renewable Power America and Brighten America customers are creating positive cash for their customers from Day One.

The solar technology is there. Incentives and financial options are available to make the transition to solar simple and immediately cost-effective. Rising utility costs and falling solar prices in a state with nearly 300 sunny days a year… It’s the perfect time for Arizona residents to gain their energy independence with solar.

Now it’s just connecting the people with the right resources. And Andrew has something to say about that as well.

Not Following The Traditional Solar Path
Andrew realizes that many Arizona residents are tired of the aggressive and invasive tactics of the solar industry. The continuous door-knocking. The questionable phone calls. The pushy salesmen.

Instead, Andrew aims to set his companies apart by taking an active role in the community and forming long lasting relationships with the customers and businesses with whom he works. Andrew, and many Arizona residents, are tired of the ‘One And Done’ mentality to approaching solar jobs and customer relations. By building Renewable Power America as an educational platform and Brighten America as a solar install company, Andrew is assuring his customers that he will be there throughout the entire solar process and beyond.

You won’t see Andrew door knocking or cold calling, but you will see him being very active in the community.

As a Catalyst Member of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, Andrew is cementing relationships and contributing to actionable steps that will improve renewable energy policy and infrastructure in the state. His passion for the industry is undeniable. With his strong work-ethic, dedication, and understanding, he and his companies are a much deserved fresh face to the Arizona renewable energy space. For more information on solar or how to work with Andrew and his companies, contact Andrew Jenkins.