SGNT Partners with iLavaHemp for Unveiling of New Products

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June 13, 2019
TUCSON, AZ, June 11, 2019 – SGNT INC has partnered with iLavaHemp for a product launch to combine the two companies’ new products. SGNT, the creator and developer of a revolutionary counterfeit-protection platform, has unveiled its first generation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based devices installed onto iLavaHemp products. iLavaHemp, a designer and manufacturer of premium hemp-based topicals and edibles, has unveiled its iLavaHemp Touch topical gel.
SGNT, a Tucson-based technology company, has developed a revolutionary patent-pending RFID based packaging technology that allows brand-owners to prove their products are authentic. The platform combines encrypted RFID-tags with their digital tamper-detection barrier to prove the authenticity and integrity of goods. Product authenticity is backed by SGNT’s cloud platform and can be used by any consumer using a modern Android or Apple based smartphone.
iLavaHemp Touch is a purpose-formulated topical gel designed and manufactured by iLavaHemp in Tucson, AZ. The topical gel combines 550 milligrams of full spectrum hemp oil with their evidence-based essential oil blend. Their research and development efforts were directed at creating a fast-acting product that incorporates all-natural ingredients with proven therapeutic benefits.
iLavaHemp first unveiled its new Touch topical gel protected by SGNT on May 23, 2019 at the Hemp Industry Trade Association of Arizona (HITA) show in Scottsdale, Arizona. The sold-out show allowed industry experts and consumers alike to get a hands-on first look at the new products.
SGNT has installed the first release of authentication tags on iLavaHemp Touch jars, which will be available for sale on,, and select retailers. Consumers can scan the product with their smartphones to instantly have proof of authenticity. Additional product information such as ingredients, batch number, expiration, test results, and re-order links are available in the SGNT App.
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