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January 30, 2019
Tucson, AZ – When employees of Tucson Federal Credit Union (TFCU) are out in the community, they are often asked, “What makes a credit union different than a bank?” For TFCU, one answer is their passion to “pay it forward.” In 2018, TFCU gave $155,254 to nonprofit organizations and their employees logged 4,231 volunteer hours for 136 charitable causes. Making a difference in Tucson is one of many ways that TFCU is different.

TFCU makes donations through the Community Partnership Awards, TFCU Gives, and the New Account Donation Program. TFCU invites all local nonprofits, whose missions’ transform lives, to apply for one of three donations totaling $45,000. For the 2018 Community Partnership Awards, TFCU gave $25K to Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, $10K to Integrative Touch for Kids, and $10K to the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation. The credit union is in the process of selecting the 2019 winners for the 9th annual Community Partnership Awards.

TFCU Gives is an online application available year-round for requests such as fundraising event support. These donations added up to $62,740 in 2018. TFCU also makes a $3 donation for every new account they open amounting to $6,984 in 2018. New credit union members select from one of three core charities or a branch-specific charity to receive TFCU’s donation. Finally, they also reserve funds for nonprofits
when they need it the most, such as the opening of a second Resource Center for the Arizona Oncology Foundation.

Since 2013, TFCU has tracked their volunteer efforts as a means of measuring their impact and to strive to do more each year. To maintain the importance of volunteerism, TFCU pays its employees for eight hours of volunteer time each year. In 2018, 99% of employees utilized at least two hours of their paid volunteer time and 47% used all eight. This year’s record breaking 4,231 volunteer hours multiplied by each employees’ wage plus the company’s financial contributions amount to a staggering $319,827 value of community outreach. TFCU stands for a wholehearted commitment to the local community. In 2018, more TFCU employees volunteered, reaching more organizations than ever before.
Miguel Cruz, VP of Marketing
(520) 322-7452