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At the Marana greenhouse we are reimagining the way corn is grown around the world while setting the standard for environmental sustainability.

This state-of-the-art seven-acre indoor climate-controlled facility allows us to grow corn for seed production in ideal climate conditions with three to four crop cycles annually.

More than 100 employees from diverse backgrounds and skill sets work in the greenhouse, including agronomic research specialists, biologists, engineers, environmental specialists, and data scientists.

The facility helps to move new corn products through to development faster so farmers around the world can benefit from the latest innovations to help corn better adapt to various climate conditions around the world.

With the continuing shortage of farmland, the technology used in the greenhouse will play an important role in growing crops and increasing yield while using fewer resources.

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We grow corn for seed production for farmers around the world

We recapture and recycle more than 90% of our water!

Nearly 100% of our waste from growing our corn is turned into compost!

More than 40 Arizona Wildcats are part of our team!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do!


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